Your Gift Changes Lives!


Dear Friends of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Rochester,


Marquis’s story could have been one of those sad tales that you read about in the newspaper or watch on the news: a young man killed in a drive-by shooting, a girl lost to opiate or other drug addiction, a high school dropout joining a gang in order to belong.


Growing up in one of the most poverty-stricken areas of Rochester, the conditions were ripe for Marquis to become another statistic. Constantly in trouble and hanging with the wrong crowd, Marquis quickly lost the privilege of attending the Boys & Girls Clubs of Rochester in his early teens. But it wouldn’t take long for him to miss his friends, our staff, and the safety that the Club affords hundreds of members every day. Without the Club, Marquis was alone with no support or guidance.


Marquis found his way back into the Boys & Girls Clubs of Rochester where he began to implement the advice of his Club mentors and meet the expectations of the organization. Marquis began to change his life by involving himself in as many Club programs as he could. He quickly became one of the most popular students in his school, and a leader to his fellow Club members. Marquis went from being a kid you read about in the paper to a recent early graduate of the University of Massachusetts. Next year Marquis will continue his education as a graduate student and hopes to enter the NFL in 2019.


“I can’t believe I have a college degree when so many thought I wouldn’t make it to my 18th birthday. This degree is more important than any opportunity I might have with the NFL, and it was the Boys & Girls Clubs of Rochester that helped get me here.”


Please consider a gift that will make this summer impactful for members like Marquis. No matter what amount you give – you will help change lives. Thank you!


A gift of $1,000 will provide dance, art and spoken word instruction for 50 Club members.


A gift of $500 will provide 5 teens with JOBReady! career exploration for the entire summer.


A gift of $100 will send 1 child to Camp Daydreams for a 7-day overnight experience.


To donate now, click here and choose "Summer Appeal" under "Choose Where to Give."