Read how several of our members have taken their reading to new heights!

The Accelerated Reader (AR) Program is a computer web-based reading enrichment program developed by Renaissance Learning, Inc. designed to improve reading skills and encourage the love of reading through daily reading practice.

Upon enrollment, members are required to take a Standardized Test for Assessment in Reading (STAR). The STAR reading comprehension test will indicate a basic reading skill range at which the member is most likely to succeed. Students are then encouraged to select books of their choice within the color coded reading skill range, read the book and take a comprehension book quiz on the computer.

Members advance in book levels based on their demonstration of confidence and success within each level. AR is an incentive based program which awards members for reaching their reading goals and encourages them to continue reading throughout the year.

Reading growth is determined by comparing the results of STAR tests taken and the average between the beginning reading skill level and highest and second highest skill level at which the member passes reading independently. Student reading logs are evaluated frequently to determine if a particular book was read to, with or independently by a member.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Rochester offers the opportunity for reading practice in the afterschool environment from 2:30 to 7 p.m., Mondays through Thursdays, from October through May. Reading also continues throughout the summer to combat summer learning loss.

The efforts and commitment of our AR members are celebrated at the annual Learning Center and Accelerated Reader Awards Dinner in June.