Dear Boys & Girls Clubs of Rochester Supporters,

Rochester, NY is a great place to live, with lots of history, friendly neighborhoods, and strong values. But for many of our neighbors, Rochester is also a place of hardship. Our poverty rate is one of the highest in the nation. Many struggle just to meet their family's most basic needs. Even more startling, 1 in 5 inner-city youth are not sure where their next meal will come from.

A child needs you afterschool.  Afterschool hours are critical for kids. Take our Club member Charlie, who is 13 years old. His mother is in and out of his life due to drug addiction and his father abandoned him at birth. He lives with his grandmother rather than being in foster care. Charlie recognized that his parents were no longer available to him. He was questioning his own value as a person, becoming involved in delinquent activities and was changing his life in a negative way. That’s when his grandmother reached out to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Rochester knowing Charlie would receive the much-needed positive attention of adult staff and afterschool programming.

The bright spot. The Boys & Girls Clubs of Rochester will continue to help one child at a time like Charlie. After school, kids 6-18 years of age come to the Club to get help with homework, attend our reading program, have a healthy meal, play sports, learn new skills, and just enjoy being a kid. For these kids, the Club is the alternative to hours spent alone with no adult support. 97% of our Club members graduate from high school. The Club becomes the first stop on a path to a successful future, and with your support, this important work will happen.  

We urgently need your help!  Each year, we ask caring people like you for a gift to help our inner-city youth like Charlie. With your help, our community’s kids WILL be on the path to success, despite seemingly impossible odds. Providing afterschool programs for youth is expensive - we need you to donate today and help a child afterschool.

Please decide to give and support our kids.  Choose to donate today to support the Club kids. Your gift will transform a life forever.

With sincere gratitude,

Dwayne K. Mahoney

Executive Director